First Rate Construction, Inc.

We take pride and joy in helping people build a home better than anything they ever dreamed. We help throughout the process where needed by providing:

Floor plan selection

Know what features you want in a home, but don't have a floor plan picked out? We can help you find a house plan that meets your criteria and look for ways to tweak it to make it more economical.

Lot selection

Know what area you would like to live in, but have not purchased a lot? Our sister company, First Rate Listings, can help locate one for you. We will also preview the lot to see if there are any attributes that might prevent construction and/or make it more expensive.


 We can provide a list of reputable banks in the area who excel at providing custom home loans.

Material selection

 Not sure what tile, carpet, appliances, etc. you want to include in your new home? We can provide a list of reputable dealers in the area as well as outline your allotted amount to ensure you stay on budget.